Tucson Sector

Press Release

November 1, 2004

IAFIS Yields Numerous Criminal Alien Arrest
Over Two Thousand arrested in October

Tucson, AZ – The U.S. Border Patrol continues to arrest illegal aliens with criminal records at a record pace compared to previous years. During the month of October 2004, Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Tucson Sector arrested 2,494 illegal aliens with criminal records; arresting an average of 80 criminal aliens per day.

Since May 2004, when the last two of the eight Border Patrol Stations within the Tucson Sector began utilizing the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS), agents have arrested over 2,000 criminal aliens each month. The highest number arrested by the Border Patrol in a single month was in August 2004, with 2,654 arrests.

During fiscal year 2004, the Tucson Sector arrested 14,506 illegal aliens with criminal records that accounted for 27% of all criminal aliens arrested nationwide by the Border Patrol. This compares to 4,025 criminal aliens arrested by Tucson Sector in fiscal year 2003, a 360% increase.

The breakdown for the month of October 2004 is as follows:
Homicide: 9
Dangerous Drugs: 244
Sex Offenses: 38
Robbery, burglary, larceny: 189
Immigration Offenses: 1,293
Other (kidnapping arson, extortion, fraud bribery, weapons, etc): 608
Outstanding Warrants: 126 (included in above numbers)

The Border Patrol is a division of the U.S Customs and Border Protection, a new agency within the Department of Homeland Security, responsible for managing and securing our nation’s borders.


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