Tucson Sector

Press Release

September 9, 2004

U.S. Border Patrol Arrests Child Predator

Tucson, AZ - On September 8, 2004, Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Casa Grande Station arrested an illegal alien, who had a felony warrant for Sexual Assault of a Minor.  

Yesterday, at 9:00 a.m., agents encountered Luis Orellano-Montano near Nolia, Arizona. Orellano was with a group of 10 individuals, and was arrested after he admitted to being illegally present in the United States. Orellano, a 27-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador, was taken to the Casa Grande Station to be processed.  

At the station, the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) revealed that Orellano had an active Felony Warrant out for his arrest from Harris County, Texas. The charges stipulated on the warrant were for a probation violation in relation to Orellano's conviction for "Sexual Assault of a Child" in 1998. Texas was contacted and extradition was confirmed.  

Orellano is currently in federal custody awaiting extradition to Texas. When he is finished with his state charges, Orellano will be prosecuted for "Re-entry of an Aggravated Felon" based on his prior Removal from the United States in 1998.

Since the beginning of the fiscal year (October 1, 2003) through August 31, 2004, the Tucson Sector has arrested 12,332 illegal aliens with criminal records in the United States.   Of that number, 170 were for Sexual Offenses.

The Border Patrol is a division of the U.S Customs and Border Protection, a new agency within the Department of Homeland Security, responsible for managing and securing our nation's borders.


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