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Allan Wall
American Border Patrol
American Border Security
American Patrol
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Arizona Border Watch
Arizona Guard
Boycott Mexico
Bratton Must Go
California Coalition for Immigration Reform
California Vote Bank
Center for Immigration Studies
Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (CAIR)
Day Laborers
Dealing With Illegal Immigration
Deport Aliens
Desert Invasion
Escaping Justice
Federation for Immigration Reform
Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement
Frosty Wooldridge
Illegal Immigration.Org
Immigrations Human Cost
Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform & Enforcement
Journal of the American Kernel
LA Watchdog
Limits To Growth
Mayor No
Mayors and County Executives
for Immigration Reform
Mexican American War II
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform
Minuteman Project
Negative Population Growth

Numbers USA

Open Borders
Papillon's Immigration Page
Predatory Aliens
Ranch Rescue
San Diego Border Alert
Secure Borders
Sherri Correll
Stein Report
The American Resistance Foundation
The Social Contract Press
U.S. Border Watch
United Patriots of America
USA Border Alert
Utah League of Citizens for Immigration Reform
Working Illegally in Oregon
Your Civilization
Yuma Patriots
Zine Watch

Radio Shows

Border Watch Radio
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The George Putnam Show
866-584-3434  Noon to 2 pm PT  M - F
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The John and Ken Show
800-520-1534  3 pm to 7 pm PT  M - F
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The Terry Anderson Show
866-870-5752  9 pm to 10 pm PT  Sundays
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