January to June 2005

ICE agents arrested 27 child predators and criminal alien sex offenders. Among those arrested were: an illegal alien from Guatemala convicted of Sexual Abuse in the First Degree of a 7-year-old; an illegal alien from El Salvador convicted of Sexual Abuse in the First Degree of a 10-year-old; an illegal alien from Ecuador convicted of Sexual Abuse in the First Degree of a 6-year-old; an illegal alien from El Salvador convicted of Sexual Abuse in the First Degree of a 9-year-old; an illegal alien from Honduras convicted of Rape in the Second Degree of a 12-year-old. ICE, March 2, 2005, ICE Arrests 27 Sexual Predators In Suffolk County

Manuel Cantu, 28, pleaded guilty yesterday to repeatedly raping and sodomizing an autistic 18-year-old girl. In February 2002, six months before this attack, Cantu was arrested on rape charges in a different town. He was never tried on those charges because the alleged victim in that case refused to testify, according to court records. Cantu is from Mexico. MetroWestDailyNews, March 1, 2005, Rapist faces jail time, deportation

Oswaldo Elias Martinez, 34, was arrested for allegedly raping, sodomizing, and murdering a 16-year-old girl. In 2004, he was arrested for drunk driving, charged with DUI and driving without a license, and was given a 90-day suspended sentence and a $250 fine. Martinez is an illegal alien from El Salvador. Virginia Gazette, February 26, 2005, Alleged killer duped police in 2004 arrest -- WVEC, February 22, 2005, Murder suspect had fraudulent Social Security card -- Daily Press, February 19, 2005, Man charged with death of JCC girl

Miguel Ortiz, aka Benito Uraga, 25, has been charged with four counts of first-degree rape, three counts of first-degree criminal sexual act (formerly known as sodomy), two felony counts of burglary, and terrorizing the woman with a kitchen knife and threatening to kill the woman's pre-teen daughter. The victim hired the day laborer to do some household cleaning for her. In 2003, a bench warrant had been issued for him in connection with a criminal trespass case. Ortiz worked as a day laborer and is an illegal alien from Mexico. The Staten Island Advance, February 24, 2005, 18-count indictment in illegal immigrant's rape trial

Neri Barahona, 17, was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a 5-year-old girl. Barahona is an illegal alien. WNBS, February 18, 2005, Undocumented Immigrant Accused Of Sex Abuse

Daniel Jose Ventura, 29, was arrested by ICE along with 18 other criminal aliens. Ventura was wanted for lewd sexual battery on a minor, and is an illegal alien from Mexico. ICE, February 15, 2005, 19 Criminal Alien Fugitives Now In ICE Custody

Thirteen criminal aliens who were convicted for sex crimes against children were arrested by ICE, and have been placed in removal proceedings. Ten of the men had a green card, and were lawful permanent residents of the US: Catarino Ariel Reyes-Franco, 43, from Mexico; Seng Yang, 31, from Laos; Petros Goumas, 47, from Canada; Chou Thao, 25, from Thailand; Yia Vang, 42, from Laos; Intiaz Nadir Alli Badrudeen, 30, from Guyana; Chong Toua Vue, 40, from Laos; Chong Vang, 20, from Thailand; Jose Omar Garcia-Garcia, 21, from Mexico; Ger Nhia Vue Lee, 56, from Laos. The remaining 3 men had refugee status: Faisal Sharif Ahmed Abdi, 24, from Somalia; Xao Vang, 36, from Laos; Ghiyath Chehadeh, 31, from Syria. ICE, February 15, 2005, 13 Convicted Sex Offenders Arrested By ICE

Eligio Hernandez-Zepeda, 40, was deported by ICE. He had been convicted of first-degree sexual assault for the rape of a 12-year-old girl that resulted in the girl becoming pregnant. Hernandez-Zepeda is an illegal alien from El Salvador. ICE, February 14, 2005, Schuyler Sex Offender Deported To El Salvador

Juan Chavez-Diaz, 32, was arrested by Border Patrol agents after he illegally entered the US. The Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) identified Chavez-Diaz as being a convicted and registered sex offender, and as having an outstanding warrant for "Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child". Chavez-Diaz is an illegal alien from Mexico. CBP, February 7, 2005, Sexual Predator arrested near Naco

Santo Gustavo Valle-Sosa, 43, who was previously arrested in 1997 for raping his four-year-old stepdaugher on multiple occasions, and consequently charged with armed sexual battery, was arrested along with five other criminal aliens. Valle-Sosa is an illegal alien from Honduras. ICE, February 3, 2005, ICE Arrests 6 Fugitive Aliens Living In South Florida

Reymundo Ortiz-Garcia, 21; Antonio Rojas-Ortiz, 27; Felix Sandoval-Barrios, 30; and Luis Vasquez-Maldonado, 29, who were convicted of paying for sex with a mentally disabled 14-year-old girl, were deported. All four men had been illegally living and working in Austin under false identities, and had used fraudulent U.S. birth certificates and phony Social Security cards. All four sexual predators are illegal aliens from Mexico. ICE, February 2, 2005, ICE Deports Last Four Illegal Aliens Convicted For Sex With 14-Year Old Mentally Disabled Girl

Ankil Chandrakant Bhavsar, 26, was convicted and sentenced to prison for sexually abusing a physically disabled female. He was stripped of his permanent resident status, and deported. Bhavsar entered the U.S. as a legal permanent resident from India. ICE, January 31, 2005, ICE Deports Citizen Of India Who Sexually Abused Disabled Victim

Vladmir Olegovich Brusilov, 48, a former teacher and convicted sex offender who had a history of sexually assaulting mentally disabled young girls was deported. Brusilov is an illegal alien from Russia. ICE, January 27, 2005, Ex-Dallas Teacher Deported To Russia For Attacking Mentally Disabled Girl (more on Brusilov)

Mexico is seeking to block the execution of Jose Ernesto Medellin, who was sentenced to death for kidnapping, raping and murdering a 14-year old and a 16-year-old girl in 1993. Medellin worked as a laborer and is from Mexico. San Diego Union Tribune, January 26, 2005, Mexican government files brief in U.S. death penalty case -- Texas death row information

Gerardo Miranda-Carmona, 20, who was previously deported, was arrested by Border Patrol Agents after he illegally reentered the US. A background check through IAFIS revealed that he was arrested for and convicted of "Assault 3", Rape of a Child, in 2004. Miranda-Carmona is an illegal alien from Mexico. CBP, January 24, 2005, Border Patrol Arrests Trio of Criminals over Weekend

David Montiel Cruz, aka Enrique Sosa Alvarez, 26, was convicted of kidnapping and repeatedly raping a 9-year-old girl, and was sentenced to 102 years in state prison. Judge Rene Navarro said, "In 18 years of being part of this distinguished bench, I have never encountered (a crime) as vicious as this." Cruz, who was previously convicted of auto theft, worked as a day laborer, and is an illegal alien from Mexico. San Francisco Chronicle, January 22, 2005, Life term for man who raped, kidnapped girl -- Mercury News, January 22, 2005, Rapist's term: 102 years -- VDARE, June 12, 2003, That San Jose Abductor Was A Guess What. (Hint: The Media Won't Tell You.) (more on Cruz)

Aureliano Hidalgo-Castro was arrested by Border Patrol agents. He is wanted for allegedly raping a 16-year-old mentally handicapped girl in 1999. Hidalgo-Castro is an illegal alien from Mexico. YumaSun, Jan 21, 2005, Border Patrol arrests Mexican citizen wanted on rape charge

Luis Garcia-Jimenez, 20, a former manager at a restaurant, was charged with the rape of a teenaged girl employee. He pleaded guilty to a lesser criminal sexual offense and also admitted guilt in two previous cases involving vulnerable adults who worked for him at the same restaurant. He was sentenced to one year in prison and deported. Garcia-Jimenez is an illegal alien from Mexico. KSTP, January 20, 2005, Teen's family sues Culver's over sex assault

Concepcion Mendoza-Pedroza, 28, who was deported in 2002, was arrested after he illegally re-entered the US. He had an active warrant out for his arrest for "Contempt of Court" and "Failure to Comply", which stemmed from the original charge of "Sexual Assault on a Child". Mendoza-Pedroza is an illegal alien from Mexico. CBP, January 18, 2005, Predator Illegal Alien with Warrant Arrested -- Sierra Vista Herald, January 19, 2005, Agents catch sex offender re-entering U.S

Edder Giovanni Nieves-Vera, 21, pleaded guilty to forging a Social Security card and a misdemeanor count of annoying a child after his fugitive status was announced during a scheduled hearing. Nieves-Vera is an illegal alien from Mexico. Press-Enterprise, January 14, 2005, Man guilty of forgery and of annoying girl (more on Nieves-Vera)

ICE officers deported 18 criminal aliens and 496 illegal aliens from the New Orleans Regional District. The offenses of the criminal aliens removed included sexual abuse, burglary, aggravated assault, narcotics, child molestation, larceny, fraud, rape, alien smuggling, manslaughter, homicide, assault and battery, retail fraud, and more. The New Orleans Regional District covers Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee. ICE, January 13, 2005, Ice Removes 514 Criminal Aliens, Status Violators From 5-State Area During December

Isaac Elijah Danquah, 26, was deported. He was convicted of two counts of solicitation of a 14-year-old girl to engage in sexual conduct in 2003, fifth degree criminal sexual contact with a 16-year-old girl in 2002, and police reports describe incidents in which he entered apartments through unlocked doors, made inappropriate comments to young girls, exposed himself to an adolescent girl, and followed a 15-year-old who was taking out her family's trash. Danquah is from Liberia. ICE, January 13, 2004, ICE Deports Twice-Convicted Sex Offender To Liberia

Dionicio Gutierrez-Franco, 23; Miguel Angel Gutierrez-Franco, 19; Jaime Mendoza-Reyes, 29; Ricardo Sandoval-Maldonado, 32; and Catalino Silva-Mendoza, 27, who were convicted of paying for sex with a mentally disabled 14-year-old girl, were deported. The victim was prostituted by a relative who was deported in July. All five men are illegal aliens from Mexico. ICE, January 13, 2005, ICE Deports 5 Illegal Aliens Convicted For Sex With 14-Year Old Mentally Disabled Girl

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention and Removal Office in Atlanta Regional District deported six criminal aliens. They were all citizens from Jamaica, Chile, Germany, Dominican Republic, and Columbia, who had committed crimes in the US ranging from prostitution to the sexual molestation of a child. ICE, January 12, 2005, ICE Deports 6 Criminal Aliens From Atlanta

Nicolas Serrano-Villagrana, 32, was found guilty of three counts of felony DUI, causing substantial bodily harm and death for the crash that killed a 4-year-old boy, and injured his mother and another woman. Serrano-Villagrana has had two prior DUI-related arrests, and had a blood-alcohol content 2.5 times the legal limit and cocaine in his system at the time of the crash. Serrano-Villagrana is from Mexico. Las Vegas Sun, January 12, 2005, Serrano-Villagrana convicted in bus stop death -- KVBC, January 13, 2005, Local Man May Spend Up to 60 Years in Prison -- KLAS, January 11, 2005, Jurors Hearing Serrano Villagrana DUI Case

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deported sixty Mexicans from the Chicago Regional District. Thirty-six of those deported had criminal convictions for violations ranging from aggravated assault, burglary and forgery, to sexual offenses and drug possession. During fiscal year 2004, Chicago ICE deported 6,077 criminal and illegal aliens living in the agency's Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Kansas operational area. ICE, January 10, 2005, ICE Deports 60 Mexico Citizens From 6 State Region

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Deportation and Removal teams have arrested 2,894 fugitives nationwide and 205 fugitive aliens Atlanta Regional District during the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2005. The aliens arrested refused to leave the US despite the orders of immigration judges, and were attempting to hide to avoid deportation. Many of these fugitives had been convicted of committing crimes that included sexual battery, child molestation, domestic violence, burglary, and drug trafficking. ICE, January 10, 2005, Ice's Atlanta Deportation Officers Arrested 205 Fugitive Aliens In 1st Quarter Of FY-05

Jesus Noa, 28, faces charges of aggravated battery, possession of cocaine, false imprisonment, and three counts of lewd or lascivious battery (the modern-day term for statutory rape) for allegedly kidnapping, beating, assaulting, sodomizing, burning, and torturing a 14-year-old girl. Noa is from Cuba. Keysnews, Jan 7, 2005 Police: Man beat, stabbed girl, 14 -- Stein Report, January 07, 2005, Cuban Immigrant Arrested In Rape of 14-Year-Old

A new intelligence law, and now a court ruling, have further strengthened the US government's power to strip a person of his citizenship even if he committed the crime after naturalization. A federal appeals court on Tuesday allowed the government to strip a Haitian-American restaurant owner of his citizenship even though he was indicted, arrested and convicted after naturalization. ... The DAWN Group, 06 January 2005, New law allows deportation of naturalized US citizens

Reinaldo Ramos-Ramos, 17, was convicted of 2nd Degree Sexual Offense for participating in the brutal gang rape of a 16- and a 17-year-old girl. He was sentenced to only 18 months in prison, and then deported. Ramos-Ramos, an MS-13 gang member, is an illegal alien from Honduras. ICE, January 5, 2005, Ice Deports Teenage Honduran Gang Member


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